The Caml CVS archive

Warning! The Objective Caml development sources no longer reside in this CVS repository and now have their own Subversion (SVN) repository. Refer to the instructions for accessing OCaml's SVN repository.

Welcome to the Caml CVS archive. This server provides read-only access to the Caml source tree, including the development (not yet released) versions of Caml, as well as previously released versions.

For general information on Caml, and access to documentation and ``official'' releases, please see the main Caml Web site.

Warning: the working sources you can access through this server have not been tested as thoroughly as official releases. The programs obtained by compiling these sources may not work properly. The sources may even fail to compile at all. New features appearing in these working sources are generally undocumented yet, and may be removed or changed in incompatible ways at any time. So, you are most welcome to test those working sources, but please do not depend too much on them.

If you find a bug in the working sources, please report it to or via the Web interface. However, if it looks like a trivial bug (e.g. a syntax error in a file causing the compilation to fail), please wait a couple of days before reporting it: chances are that we'll have fixed it by then, and minimizing traffic on the is always a good idea.