Using anonymous CVS to retrieve Caml sources

Warning! The Objective Caml development sources no longer reside in this CVS repository and now have their own Subversion (SVN) repository. Refer to the instructions for accessing OCaml's SVN repository.

Quick summary for experts

The address of the repository is:
Use the empty password for user anoncvs.

No access method other than pserver is supported.

See the overview of available modules or browse the source tree to determine what to retrieve from the server.

More detailed instructions

To access the Caml source tree using CVS, you need to do the following:


If you are not familiar with CVS, extensive documentation is available on Cyclic's Web site.

To conserve bandwith, you may give the -z7 option to cvs so that all network traffic is compressed with gzip. Please do not select compression levels greater than 7, since it loads the server too much. Thank you.

In case of problems, write Make sure you understand CVS operation well before writing us; we will not answer CVS-specific question.