Structure of the Caml CVS repository

Our CVS repository has the following main parts:

camllight The Caml Light compiler
camlp4 The Camlp4 pre-processor
bazar-ocaml Various libraries and tools for Objective Caml
bazar-cl Various libraries and tools for Caml Light
cdk The Caml Development Kit (an integrated collection of libraries and tools)
ocamlp3l Library for skeleton-based parallel programming
usercontrib User-contributed libraries and tools

Useful entry points in the ``bazar'' subdirectories:

bazar-ocaml/caml2ocaml A translator from Caml Light to Objective Caml 1
bazar-ocaml/camlidl A stub code generator and COM binding for Objective Caml
bazar-ocaml/camlimages An Objective Caml library for reading various image formats (gif, bmp, etc)
bazar-ocaml/camltk41 The TK-based GUI toolkit for Objective Caml
bazar-ocaml/ocaml1to2 A translator from Objective Caml 1 to Objective Caml 2
bazar-ocaml/ocamlmpi An interface with the MPI library for message-passing parallel computation
bazar-ocaml/spell A library for spell checking

You can also browse the source tree to determine the name of the subtree in which you are interested.